Social distancing alarm using arduino

Social distancing alarm using Arduino: 

Hey guys, welcome back to my new article. As you know. Our PM Narendra Modi has spoken about keeping social distance to fight against COVID 19. So I thought why not make such a gadget to track social distancing even more. In this article, we will make a social distancing alarm using Arduino.
Social distancing alarm using arduino

Today in this article we are going to make a Social distancing alarm using Arduino. In our previous article, we made a Dino game using Arduino. The response to this article was very good. I would suggest that after reading this article, you should definitely read the article about the Dino game. So without wasting any time let's jump on our topic.

Components Required:
  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Ultrasonic sensor
  3. Led
  4. Buzzer
A device which helps us to maintain social distancing:

To make a social distancing alarm I'm using Arduino Uno, Ultrasonic sensor,  BUZZER, and LED.  An ultrasonic sensor that has an Echo pin. It is connected to Arduino digital pin number 10 and the Trig is connected Digital Pin 9. Talking about LED and Buzzer Negative is connected Together and buzzer positive wire will be connected to a (D12) pin and LED positive wire will be connected to the (D11) pin. After making all these connections our circuit is ready.


How does it work? Ultrasonic sensors send waves. These waves are absolutely invisible and come back after hitting an optical. The Trig pin activates (D11) Or (D12). In which we have connected LED and Buzzer. We have kept a distance of 100 cm. You can increase this parameter by modifying the code.

Watch YouTube Video:
And if you have any questions, then watch the video before commenting and if your question does not go away, then you can comment to me and ask.

Circuit Schematics:
I have Made the circuit diagram on offline software in fritzing

Social distancing alarm using arduino



  1. i tried it but its having a issue that when my hand is like litrally touching the sensor the buzzur stop making noise and when i remove my hand it makes the noise


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