Coffin meme sound using arduino

Coffin meme sound using Arduino:

So hey guy's back to a new article I have come with another New Arduino project. And I had a lot of DMs to make videos on this topic.

Yeah it's a Coffin dance meme sound using Arduino. So on your demand, I have made this tutorial video on YouTube and have written the article, you must read it. And to make all this, only and only you need two components. Yeah only Two components to make. So the project will be very interesting so without wasting any time Let's see how we can make this Coffin dance meme sound using Arduino.

Components Needed -:

1. Arduino Uno
2. Speaker


So if you do not know, then let me tell you the Coffin meme video which is very very viral. And of that I have also made a meme. If you want to see then definitely follow me on the Instagram page.

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So, come on our topic. So, as I told you, only and only two components are needed to make it. Arduino Uno and Speaker use 8-ohm speakers and if you do not have a speaker, you can also use Buzzer, I would like to suggest you definitely watch the YouTube video and please tell me Buzzer output is better or speaker. I am confused. I don't understand whose output is better.

Circuit Diagram.

Here is the circuit diagram, you can see how easy its connection is.
The positive wire of a speaker is connected to Arduino (Digital pin 8) and the negative wire is connected to GND how easy its connection.

Code :


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