How to make 8x8x8 Led Cube

So hey guys I am back with a new article about with a new project in this article, I am going to 
make 8x8x8 Led Cube But this time I am not going to explain that much because I have already explained all the steps of making the 8x8x8 Led Cube In a 16 Minutes Video.

An 8x8x8 LED cube is a visual treat with 3D effects and patterns. It works on the concept of Persistence of Vision, a feature of the human eye that tricks our brain into thinking that an object is present permanently at a place if it appears about 60 times in a second.

Since an 8x8x8 LED Cube consists of, well 8x8x8 = 512 LEDs, we cannot control all these 512 LEDs at once. What we can do is control 64 LEDs at a time at an extremely fast rate and trick our brain as if we were controlling all the 512 LEDs.

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For building this circuit below components are needed. These are easily available in the market.

LEDs (5mm) – 512
150Ω Resistors
BD241 Transistors
18 gauge copper wire (500-GM)
74HC574 IC
IC Base
Arduino Nano
Female PCB Connector
25V 1000Uf Capacitor
Push Switch

As I already said I am not writing this article in much detail because I have made the video already in detail. You can watch the video. But yeah I am promising you that I will update is article as soon as possible.

So If you follow all the steps, that in video you can easily make this Led Cube 

It took nearly 20 working hours to build the 8x8x8 LED Cube (testing LEDs, bending and cutting the LEDs, making 8 LED Layers each consisting of 64 LEDs, straightening wire for adding tensile strength, stacking those layers vertically, designing PCB, PCB soldering components on the PCB, connecting LED Cube to the PCB, dumping the code and testing the output)

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