How to make an amplifier using BC547 transistor

How to make an amplifier using BC547 transistor : 

So hey guy's welcome back to a new article in this article we will make an amplifier using BC547  Transistor this amplifier is very easy to make In few steps you can make this amplifier at home without wasting any time let's see How to make an amplifier using BC547 transistor. 

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How to make amplifier using BC547 transistor
Note: This Not A Circuit Diagram.

Needed Components :

  1. BC547 Transistor:
  2. 25 Volt 100 UF Capacitor:
  3. 10K Resistor:
  4. Audio Aux Cable:

Audio amplifier circuit diagram using BC547:

This is the schematics of the audio amplifier using BC547.

How to make amplifier using BC547 transistor

Youtube Video:


How its the BC547 audio amplifier circuit work?

This circuit works on the basic principles of the NPN transistors. The low amplitude Audio signal goes into the base of the transistor. then the signal flows through the transistor collector to emitter as a result the current will flow then the base gets a signal.

And as we know that transistors can be used either as a switch or as an amplifier. So BC547 NPN Transistor acting as Amplifier in amplification set-up this transistor allows a larger current to have flowed when we apply smaller voltage in the base. So here we are applying a voltage at its base through the audio Input signal by AUX jack and it allows a large current to be passed from the 9 Volt source thought the speaker. In that way it is Converting Electric energy into Audio Output. 
And the capacitor is connected in series with the base pin. this capacitor is used to smooth there higher frequencies of the audio signal. The signal is coming from an audio signal. then this signal amplifies through the transistor's collector pin.

I will suggest you watch the video before making this amplifier.


This circuit is only for project purposes. It is not for practical usage, If you run your circuit longer, then this Transistor will become hot. As a result, the transistor may be damaged. Make sure that Polarity is right otherwise the Transistor will be instantly Damaged.
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  1. The circuit is completely wrong. You have NO understanding of electronics. Get an education before putting this Rubbish on the internet.
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