Audio reactive led strip

Audio reactive led strip: 

So hey guy's welcome back to a new article in this article we will make Audio reactive led strip using BC547 transistor BC547 is NPN and the popular Transistor. talking about Audio reactive led strip circuit diagram is very easy to make In few steps you can make this Audio reactive led strip at home so without wasting any time let's see how to make Audio reactive led strip

Audio reactive led strip
Note: This Not A Circuit Diagram.
Needed Components :
  1. BC547 Transistor
  2. 10k Resistor
  3. 1M Resistor
  4. Mic Microphone 🎤
  5. 1uf 63v Capacitor
Circuit Diagram Of music Reactive LED Strip :
This is the schematics of the Audio reactive led strip.

Audio reactive led strip

Watch the YouTube Video:
If you're confused by watching this circuit diagram then I will highly suggest you watch Youtube video.


To Make audio reactivate LED I am using BC547 NPN transistor I am using two transistors to make this audio reactivate LED to more sensitive.

This is easy at the transistor-based project. The mic is connected to the negative terminal of the capacitor is connected to remove noise the capacitor's negative terminal is connected to the transistor base pin.

Audio reactive led strip

And one side of resistor I made it common you can see on the Image And at that common point, we will supply 12-volt power. And the led strip output is also from the common point.

Audio reactive led strip

And we will take the negative output of the LED from the collector pin of the transistor And all connections you can see in the image.

Audio reactive led strip

I made this on single transistor but the circuit is not sensitive so that's why I am using two transistors to make this audio reactivate, LED talking about if you don't have a BC547 transistor then you can use any NPN transistor like 2N2222 transistor And you can use any NPN transistor but keeping looking at the terminal polarity.

How many volts will this circuit run on?
To run this circuit, you have to give an input of 9 volts. If you want, you can also give an input of 12 volts.

Watch the YouTube Video:

Here you can see our " Audio reactive led strip " is properly working If you have any queries related to this article then comment below I will try to answer your question. and I will highly suggest you watch the Youtube video.

Audio reactive led strip

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