Led Chaser without IC & Transistor 😎🔥

Led Chaser without IC & Transistor 😎🔥 

So hey guy's welcome back to a new article in this article we will make a  LED Chaser without IC and transistor this  LED Chaser is very easy to make In few steps you can make this LED Chaser at home and to make this led chaser I am using Arduino nano you can also use Arduino Uno So in this article, we will make LED chaser and you will know something about it. so without wasting any time let's see How to make LED Chaser.

Led Chaser without IC & Transistor 😎🔥

Needed Components:

  1. Arduino nano
  2. LED
  3. 220 OHM Resistor
  4. Breadboard
  5. Jumper wire


Today in this article we are going to make  LED Chaser make this LED Chaser I am using Led's and a breadboard and few jumper wires and the brain of this project is Arduino nano you can also use Arduino nano recently I have no Arduino uno so that's why I am using Arduino nano but you can also use Arduino uno as I said they will take more space.
I have connected the LED in the breadboard And the LED's negative terminal has been made common. and I connected the resistance in the negative terminal of LED And we have connected LED positive terminal to Arduino digital pin from 11  to 2 number pin.

using five components we made it LED Chaser And the circuit segment is very easy and Code I will give you then you can just copy and paste it.
And if you are having any problem in making it, then you can ask me by commenting. 

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Watch YouTube Video: 
Here is a video about LED Chaser watch the video till the end you will understand everything.

Circuit Schematics: 
I have Made the circuit diagram on offline software in fritzing

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