3.7v Lithium and Li-ion Battery Full & Low-Level Indicator

3.7v Lithium and Li-ion Battery Full & Low-Level Indicator:

So friends, welcome back to the new and interesting article! First of all, I would like to say sorry to you that I am putting an article after so many days I was a little bit busy making a new Studio and improving my some staff. Let's forget all of those things. Let's move on to a new article. In this article, we will make a 3.7 volt Lithium and Li-ion battery full and low-level indicator. in a very simple way.

Circuit diagram -:
3.7v Lithium and Li-ion Battery Full & Low Level Indicator

3.7v Lithium and Li-ion Battery Full & Low Level Indicator

Components Required -:

1) BC547 Transistor - 2) Red Led - 3) Green Led - 4) 1k Resistor - 5) 220 Resistor - 6) 14007 Diode -

Introduction -: 

As you know, there are so many circuits that are available on Google But some circuits are very difficult. But in this article, we learned how to make it in a very simple way so without wasting any time let's see how it work. so as you can see one the circuit diagram to make this circuit I am using NPN BC547 Transistor you can use any NPN transistor like 2n3904, 2N2907, Tip30, And many more! And as you can see in the circuit diagram, the base pin of the bc547 transistor is connected to the resistance diode and LED. And 1k resistor is connected in a series of 220 ohms resistance.

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And if you are facing any problem to make a 3.7v Lithium and Li-ion Battery Full & Low-Level Indicator then don't forget to watch YouTube video. So this will make you easier to make a Battery Full & Low-Level Indicator.

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